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GW | Manufacturing 4.0

Digital Transformation @ Gustav Wiegard: GW | Manufacturing 4.0

Further development and apadtation to the change in the digital age of manufacturing 4.0. GWMF is using two very innovative CAD/CAM programming systems for our CNC production. These systems enable an efficient 2D and 3D manufacturing with its modules CAM-Milling, CAM-Turning and CAM-mill-turning. Both systems are featuring a productive raw and finished parts management which is up to date regarding the current production status of the spare part at any time.

Respective later stage manufacturing processes can be integrated easily which means that the programming times are reduced. For our mill-turn machines we are using a ProfiCAM simulation software including collision control and collision monitoring which results in lower running-in periods. 3D virtual machine room simulation programs eliminate programming errors and  possible tool collisions. In addition to our programming and engineering capacities we realized the implementation of our Asprova APS - Advanced Planning and Scheduling-System. We are now planning our delivery times and bottle necks with a digital Production Scheduling System leading to very precise delivery times.