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A wide range of special products

The production of cable drums and bucket wheel shafts is just an example for the complexity of products we are able to supply for different heavy industry applications. 

From experience we know where innovative solutions have to be placed in order to result in substantial improvement. We rely on well-engineered technologies, the necessary engineering know-how and develop of long term successful solutions in close cooperation with our customers. We assist our customers to help them concentrate on their core business and thus to create an important scope for their own technological development. 

The aim is we never lose sight of the economic efficiency of a solution. The proven cost-benefit ratio assures you that you can rely on the well-proven GW | value in the future.

We focus on high-end products for the following industries: Aluminum, shipbuilding, pulp & paper, pumps, special machine building, gear box producers, cement, copper and a lot more.