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Coating Technology Coating Technology – minimal wear

GW | coating technology

Over the past years Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK has become the quality leader in this particular field of wear protection technologies. For more than 20 years we have been researching and developing these technologies.

Minimal wear

GW | SAW (submerged-arc welding)

Our GW | SAW submerged-arc strip cladding has reached a quality level which can compete everywhere in the world. Due to the small overlapping areas and less mix-up in the first layer, the strip cladding technology has clear advantages compared to conventional wire welding. The achieved lifetimes are quite impressive.

GW | HPS, patented! 

With the new coating technology GW | HPS we have reached a new milestone in the field of built-up welding. The base material of the roll is re-alloyed by using additional high-alloyed welding materials and an additional metal powder.

GW | SAW-Wire (submerged-arc welding)

It goes without saying that we provide different types of wire built-up welding technologies with submerged-arc cladding. We apply them for rolls with a diameter less than 200 mm as well as for neck repair by using single-wire and also double-wire techniques. We are co-operating with the worldwide leading manufacturers of welding materials.

GW | PREMCO-ES (electroslag built-up welding) 

The electroslag built-up welding technology GW | PREMCO-ES has also been successfully applied for years. The advantages are the same as for the submerged-arc strip cladding. Also, there is less fusion penetration of the base material. Due to modified energy input for fusion an even less mix-up of the base material is achieved. This cladding technique reaches a considerable higher hardness up to 55 HRC and is mainly applied for hot broad strip rolls such as pinch rolls (for example GW | PT PREMCO-ES LCr), wrapper rolls (GW | W1 PREMCO-ES HCr) and run out table rolls and scale washer rolls.

Thermal coating with flame spraying GW-TCP

GW-TCP is a thermal coating using a flame spraying-procedure with self-fluxing alloys. The powder is a nickel based powder of around 70% Ni reaching a hardness of 62 ± 2 HRC and a layer thickness 1,5 mm. The coating of the rolls assure a very high wear- and corrosion resistance, that means mechanical and chemical attack of the coated barrel surface is highly reduced.

For special applications (for example sharp strip ends) we offer our GW-TCP- Custom-Made-Rolls with an intermediate tungsten carbide surfaces of approx. 150 - 220mm mm on the left and right roller barrel end reaching a hardness of 70 ± 2 HRC. The rest of the roller barrel will be coated with nickel-basis-powder.