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GW | PREMCO-ES electroslag built-up welding technology has been successfully applied for years. The advantages are the same as for the submerged-arc strip cladding. Also, there is less fusion penetration of the base material. Due to modified energy input for fusion an even less dilution of the base material is achieved. This coating technique reaches a considerable higher hardness up to 55 HRC and is mainly applied for hot broad strip rolls such as pinch rolls (for example GW | PT PREMCO-ES LCr), wrapper rolls (GW | W1 PREMCO-ES HCr) and run out table rolls and scale washer rolls.


  • Electroslag Welding Process
  • Hot Strip Mill Rolls – Primary
  • Top and Bottom Pinch Roll Applications
  • Wrapper Roll Applications
  • 30/60mm sintered strip width
  • High Productivity
  • Lowest Dilution to base metal
  • Large Liquid Pool
  • High: Chemistry Homogeneity
  • High: Hardness Homogeneity
  • Full Coating Chemistry in 2nd layer
  • High Process Parameter Control Required