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GW | TCP Thermal coating with GW | TCP flame spraying-technology

GW | TCP is a thermal coating using a flame spraying-procedure with self-fluxing alloys. The powder is a nickel based powder of around 70% Ni reaching a hardness of 62 ± 2 HRC and a layer thickness 1,5 mm. The coating of the rolls assure a very high wear- and corrosion resistance, that means mechanical and chemical attack of the coated barrel surface is highly reduced.

For special applications (for example sharp strip ends) we offer our GW|TCP- Custom-Made-Rolls with an intermediate tungsten carbide surfaces of approx. 150 – 220mm  mm on the left and right roller barrel end reaching a hardness of 70 ± 2 HRC. The rest of the roller barrel will be coated with nickel-basis-powder.

  • Powder flame technology
  • Powder to be melted by acetylen/oxygen flame
  • Particles are projected onto the roll surface
  • Thermal melting process required after projecting 
  • the powder onto the roll surface
  • As a result the layer perfectly adheres to the base material
  • Layer thickness of max. 1.5mm
  • Layer has a high density
  • Hardness with Nickel basic alloy 62 ± 2 HRC
  • Hardness with Tungsten carbide alloy 70 ±2 HRC