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Internal cooling systems EFFICIENCY IS OUR FOCUS

Internal cooling systems

Through continuous and close contact to our customers we learned much about the performance of our products in practice. The use of different types of efficient cooling systems applied to our rolls leads to tremendous increase in lifetimes.

Advantages of the revolver cooling

The reason for the positive effects is that the internally cooled roll compared to the conventional roll has reduced bending which results in reduced crack propagation. This leads to safer strand guiding. In general we work according to this principle: Better internal cooling, better crack resistance and higher lifetime expectation. The premium product of our scope of supply, especially focusing on cost-benefit value, is the Gustav Wiegard revolver roll GW | R. This type of roll demonstrates a superior cooling behaviour compared to centrally cooled rolls. The additional drilling work for manufacturing of the revolver bores can be neglected due to specialized CNC machineries in our workshop.


Special case spiral type cooled roll

A higher cooling rate can be achieved by using the spiral type cooled roll GW | SP1. This type of roll was invented by Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK in 1985 and patented under #DE3326746 at the German patent office. With this roll special customer and plant related requirements of higher cooling rates for individual needs can be achieved, e.g. increase of casting speed. The manufacturing process of the spiral type roll GW | SP1 is more complex. It consists of a shell which is cooled on the inside by spiral cooling channels. These channels are fixed on an axle with flanges which are welded to the shell. The advantages gathered through the higher cooling rate justify the higher costs for manufacturing only in special cases. Contact us! We will identify the special cases and we guide you based on cost-benefit value to the best roll for your application.