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GW | Roll Systems

The weakest link determines the total lifetime. Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK is specialized in optimizing the lifetime of roll systems while considering all critical components of the system.

Our service range includes complete roll systems ready for installation in continuous casting plants, run out table rolls for hot strip mills including cross bars and all accessories as well as wrapper guide plates ready for installation with the appropriate GW | W1 PREMCO ES wrapper roll. In all roll systems the components are precisely adjusted to each other. What good is the maximum lifetime of the roll if, for example, a rotary joint fails first.

This also applies to guide roll units, which are newly developed by thyssenkrupp Steel AG and patented. This roll system, including the floating bearings and a newly developed rotary joint is manufactured by Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK under licence and is capable of loads which are up to 30% higher than for traditional roll systems. thyssenkrupp almost doubled the average lifetime of the segment after modifying the roll system. The quantity of the segments to be replaced could be reduced by 30% within one year. It is our goal to help you concentrate on your core business. That implies steel production in highest quality and operational reliability.