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GW | rolls

All our rolls are adapted to the casting conditions and/or rolled steel qualities at the customer's plant.


Run out table rolls type GW|T1-TCP

Our run out table rolls are manufactured in all different executions, starting from GW | T1-TC which is a thermal coated roll with a lifetime guarantee of 7.5 million tons, to internal cooled run out table roll with Gustav Wiegard strip cladding GW | SAW. We also manufacture stainless run out table rolls. Our looper rolls are achieving excellent lifetimes with thermal coated execution.

Back-up and leveller rolls

For the area of cold rolling mills we manufacture high-quality back-up and leveller rolls made from high-end forged quality grades with drive toothing and a hardness penetration depth of up to 15 mm. Thus assures long lifetimes. 

Strand guide rolls type GW | A1

For the type GW|A1 Gustav Wiegard strand guide rolls only high-end forged quality are used as base material, if required, coated with a wear resistance welded layer. GW|R revolver rolls are manufactured according to re- quested diameters and according to the required cool- ing requirement with 8, 10 or 16 cooling bores directly beneath the surface of the barrel.

Coiler pinch rolls

The Gustav Wiegard pinch rolls GW | PT and GW | PB are manufactured in accordance with our customer's requirements, depending on the rolled steel quality in high or low chromium execution. Wrapper rolls are manufactured according to the application conditions with Gustav Wiegard electroslag welding GW | PREMCO ES or with Gustav Wiegard thermal coating GW | TC.


GW | Internal cooling system

This very special inner cooling system results in a high performance of the roll

Wear protection for long life times