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GW | Drive Element Repair Services

Gustav Wiegard offers the following refurbishment services with a wide list of references and decades of experience:

GW | Spindle Repairs
GW | Wobbler and Coupling Repairs
GW | Gearbox overhauling

The GW | Wobbler and Coupling Repairs

include removal of the inner wobbler sleeve, milling of internal diameter to the next agreed maintenance reference point, preparation for repair welding with the following weld repair procedure and final CNC milling as well as new manufacture of the sleeve including the adjustment to the wobbler.

The GW | Spindle Repairs

include the rebuilding of the toothing for the spindles, readjustment of the lubrication system, repair welding procedures and the final grinding of press fits and bearing areas. Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK has broad experience of complete spindle refurbishment and new manufacture of the same.

The GW | Gearbox overhauling

of all different types and for almost all types of heavy industries is a core competence of Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK. 

We repair crane gears (lifting gears, track gears), spur gears, planetary gear boxes, worm gear units and adjust gear boxes and others. They are all repaired according to the technical instructions of the customers (drawings, technical specifications etc.).

In case the drawings or technical specification are missing, Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK has the possibility to calculate the complete gear-toothing data by means of computers. We can also determine original materials used for the production of toothed wheels, pinions, shafts etc. thanks to a spectro-analysis device.

All the repairs follow the same routine and accuracy: Receipt of the goods, cleaning, detailed inspection, photo and video documentation, cost evaluation, final discussion and agreement about scope of repair with customer, provision of a week-to-week repair schedule, execution of the repair, final inspection and functional test at our workshop together with the customer.

Our CNC-controlled machinery with high-end toothing and tooth-flank grinding machines offers you flexible and high-performance services.