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GW | Mandrel Service

Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK is a renowned expert when it comes to the refurbishment of complete up- and downcoiler mandrel units based on a philosophy of permanent learning and transfer of know-how between us and our customers.

All the repairs follow the same routine and accuracy: Receipt of the goods, cleaning, detailed inspection, photo and video documentation, cost evaluation, final discussion and agreement about scope of repair with customer, provision of a week-to-week repair schedule, execution of the repair, final inspection and functional test at our workshops together with the customer.

Our intensive communication and a long lasting work relationship with our customers is profitable for the entire process as we also analyze and recommend improvements for the mandrel overall lifetime such as design improvements and material improvements. As we know mandrels from different steel mills, our customers benefit from our knowledge and experience.

GW | FMS 1 - forged mandrel segments