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GW | Roll Service

We are experts in wear-resistant coating technologies. This is the essential basis for our GW | roll repair services we offer. Our submerged arc welding procedures GW | SAW using strips and wires and our GW | PREMCO-ES premium electro-slag overlay coating technology with strip has been offering a surface coating for rolls with an unparalleled service performance for years.

GW | SAW - Submerged-Arc Strip Cladding
GW | SAW - Submerged-Arc Wire Cladding
GW | PREMCO-ES - Elesctroslag Strip Cladding

    Gustav Wiegard roll refurbishment services
    ... a perfect service package including

    • Disassembly, cleaning, crack test
    • Detailed cost estimate
    • Crack elimination on roll barrel for welding
    • Overlay coating of the roll incl. buffer layer if necessary
    • Heat treatment
    • Finish turning, trunnion repair, pressure test, assembly of roll
    • All types of quality reports and shipment
    • Supply of all related spares like bearings, housings, rotary unions