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GW | Value Our Quality Promise

Each of our products includes added values that are of benefit to our customers. However, these values cannot be easily quantified. This is why we give you a survey of the GW | (added) value.

Optimized cost-benefit ratio

All our products are continuously controlled. From the choice of raw material to the customer's individual cut we are optimizing in two respects: The profit improvement must be monetarily measured and the production costs must not increase accordingly. With regard to the total service lifetime of our products, they are considerably more favourable than the ones of our competitors.

Scope for increase

It goes without saying that our products are manufactured to solve problems. We operate in the background so that our customers do not need to be busy with our rolls and roll systems as long as possible - because of their long-lasting performance.


We develop new ideas for improvement from the substantial experience we gained throughout the world. Thus, we can optimize details and close gaps. 
As we do not only manufacture new products but also completely refurbish components we exactly know why parts wear off, when they have to be dismounted and what technical performance results in optimal repair. Every new order increases our knowledge that we willingly share with our customers to provide the best solutions for your company.


On the purchase of our products our customers obtain a full package of guarantees: On time delivery, process reliability and a high investment security. We guarantee individual service life times for all our products. By means of product certificates the complete documentation of the production process is provided. Our documentation includes all products manufactured at our facilities as well as the raw-materials from our sub-suppliers such as forging companies or manufacturers of welding material.


We at Gustav Wiegard seek to build long-lasting partnerships. "We will help you concentrate on your core business". Our products and services will support you.


What is important to us

Wear protection We are experts in wear-resistant coating technologies

Our submerged arc welding procedure with strip has been providing a surface coating for rolls with an unparalleled service performance. Our revolutionary coating technology GW-HPS, High Performance Submerged Arc Welding was patented in 2007. The wear-resistant coating is no longer applied in several layers to the roll, but consists of a single layer only. Its completely homogenous chemical analysis and hardness provide an absolutely convincing wear protection..


Precision We hardly accept fault tolerances

Neither in the process of planning, nor during the manufacturing process, nor in the quality assurance. This can be easily explained. Only by the non-acceptance of deviations, we achieve the guaranteed service lifetime and our customers save maintenance and downtime.

Engineering We are engineers!

In the event we do not achieve optimal results we are not satisfied. There are always better solutions. Many of our customers think the same way - global players who are continuously looking for cost-effectiveness and competitive advantages. We develop our technology and knowledge in close cooperation with our customers and reinvest our know-how in our products and processes. We think this is an essential process.


Our demand for quality is certified

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