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Research and development is a decades-long tradition at Gustav Wiegard

The engineers and technicians of our R&D department are experienced in meeting the market requirements. New innovative procedures and products are developed and patented at regular intervals

The revolutionary welding procedure GW | HPS patented in 2007 is the best proof of our continuous research and development effort: How approved procedures and products can be further improved. This leads to technological advantage compared to our competitors. An advantage that is passed on to our customers by offering a ready-made or a customized solution.

Patented! The GW | culture of Research & Development

More than 15 patents obtained from German and European patent offices as well as several research projects in cooperation with top-class partners provide the living proof. We patented from our today's business unit rolls and roll systems "centrally cooled strand guide rolls" (spiral type GW | SP1) and the development of caster segments and roll systems with a special and innovative bearing system.

Through continuous research and development we have become an international technological leader in our core business and for special branches we have become the market leader. We know how to combine science and theory with industrial practice.
In the field of built-up welding Gustav Wiegard MASCHINENFABRIK was the partner of the German Ministry of Research and Development in a welding research project. The aim was to increase the lifetime of strand guide rolls and thus leading to higher productivity due to less down times caused by roll changes. Based on comprehensive analyses of wear patterns of temperature attacked work pieces, the goal was reached to develop cost-effective and appropriate wear resistant layers. The knowledge gained in this project enables us today to produce high-end rolls and roll systems with tremendous life times.

Also our competence in the special sector of thermal coating is the result of intensive development activities on the highest level. We obtained the certification according to the standard GTS-QM-Richtlinie GTSPA 003 for the procedures of powder flame and wire flame coating from "Gemeinschaft Themisches Spritzen e.V.", the German thermal coating association.

Thermal coating

Intensive development activities resulted in the certification »Gemeinschaft Thermisches Spritzen e.V.« = association for thermal coating. Quality Management in accordance with GTS-QM-guideline GTSPA 003 for the procedures of powder flame and wire flame coating.