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OUR IDEA We help you concentrate on your core business

Our high demand

Our slogan „We help you concentrate on your core business“ underlines our objective to produce products and services in a perfect quality that allow our customers to concentrate on their core business.

Common Ground

In close cooperation with our highly skilled employees and a careful management-team we have become a reliable partner and consultant for the global players of the steel industry. The high acceptance by our customers is due to numerous factors. Above all, precise performance and an open mind for how technologies that have proven their worth can be further improved. 

We also provide our customers with an added value through all our products, services and consulting: The GW | value. As a result of this GW | value close business relations have been built up over the years that are distinguished by a high degree of mutual trust.

We are committed to high quality today and in the future so that you can always concentrate on your core business.