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Business Units

GW | Products

01 Rolls and Roll Systems

Rolls and roll systems for all types of continuous casting plants as well as for hot and cold rolling mills and the heavy industry such as the aluminium industry. Here, our particular focus is set on optimal corrosion protection and on an intelligent cooling system.

GW | Rolls and roll systems

02 Components for rolling mills

We manufacture high-end components for rolling mills. Our focus is always set on an optimized cost-benefit ratio what brings Gustav Wiegard into play, particularly  as to very critical components for plant engineering: All types of coiler systems (downcoiler, upcoiler), couplings and other drive sections such as drive spindles and toothed spindles. Furthermore, we manufacture chocks and mill pinions. Precision is vital to the manufacturing of components with work piece length of over 10.000 mm and a diameter of up to 1.600 mm and a weight of 30 metric tons.

GW | Components for rolling mills

03 Special gear units and gear-toothing

We know what is essential when manufacturing special gears and special gear-toothing components: The load–carrying capacity makes the difference.

GW | Special gear units and gear-toothing


04 Heavy Industry

We are producing a wide range of high-end products for the heavy industry. Our CNC/DNC machinery and our manufacturing background is enabling us to realize this with growing success. We provide products and solutions for the following industries and applications: Aluminium industry, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, pumps, special machine building, gear box producers, cement industry, copper industry and a lot more. The aim is we never lose sight of the economic efficiency of a solution. The proven cost-benefit ratio assures you that you can rely on the well-proven GW | value in the future.

GW | Heavy Industry

GW | Service

05 Maintenance and repair

We gain a lot of knowledge from our customer's repair orders when the performance of material and installation becomes visible to us. For us the repair of components is a process of permanent learning and transfer of experience: From the survey of damage, cost estimate to the point of delivery. The process from receipt of a repair component to its final dispatch makes a world of difference. The attribute “almost brandnew” is not exaggerated. No matter what component is concerned, we recondition mandrels, rolls, gear boxes as well as spindles. We are pleased to offer you master agreements and call-off orders including stockage.

GW | Maintenance and repair

06 Contract manufacture

Gustacv Wiegard is the leading partner for the heavy industries when it comes toc work pieces with high complexity and precision. Our manufacturing competence gathered through the new production and repair services of spare parts are elementary for the contract manufacturing as well.

GW | Contract manufacture

07 Consulting

Our experience gained from the manufacturing of components and systems for our customers of the steel industry is a vital factor for our consulting service. GW | Engineering provides engineering know-how that is specificto product and process. GW | Consulting and Coaching develops structures, offers professional training and certifies.

GW | Consulting